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Sourcing sustainably shouldn't be hard

That's why we pre-vet our brand partners with our sustainability criteria so you don't have to.

Looking to get more customers & help save the planet?

Our wholesale marketplace makes it easy for businesses to buy from independent eco-friendly British brands, to help:

💰 Capture more sales - 68% consumers want to shop sustainably
🌎 Avoid greenwashing as all brands must meet our sustainability criteria
Save time - Buy from multiple brands in one place
😌 Try products at low risk - Low or no MOQ for all products
❤️ Support UK small businesses like you and avoid custom delays

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What our customers say

At Better Space we want to nurture a coworking community of socially conscious and ethical businesses, so it's important that we support businesses that create sustainable products and share them with our members. Sourcery is perfect for us to find everyday essentials (and some more premium treats) that we know are sustainable and can trust thanks to their marketplace criteria – saving us time and ensuring we get the best, sustainable products for our space

Better Space
Co-working Space, London

I try to source from local small suppliers as much as I can, looking at carbon footprint, packaging and how they produce things. As I'm just starting my business, I wear many hats and I never have enough time. It's great that Sourcery looks for the same things I do and checks that brands are doing what they say they're doing, so I don't have to. The website was really easy to use and find things. The low minimum order is also great, because I don't have a lot of space and I can see what sells before ordering more.

Naturally Unwrapped
Zero Waste Store, Braintree

Very proud to be working with Zoe and Sourcery. It's a great fit for The Root Co, with a clear focus on ethics, sustainability and supply chain. Zoe has gone to personal effort to make onboarding super straightforward for me as a one man team, and she emails round with 'stuff I should know': funding opportunities, environmental legislation, local council news. It's a pleasure to be involved.

The Root Co
Ginger Beer Brand, London

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