This week's spotlight is on Kerry, the Founder of ScrubbiesUK.

Hi Kerry, tell us about you!

I'm Kerry, 44 and originally from Edinburgh but i now live in North Wales with my 10 year old son and pet cockatiel, Kevin.

What was your journey to sustainability?

I've always had an interest in the natural world. I'm an avid bug hunter and get far too excited about fungus, which may explain my lack of friends! Our impact on the environment has weighed heavily on my mind for many years but i found eco products to be out of my budget. This played a big part in my Scrubbies journey.

How did you come up with the idea of Scrubbies?

Almost 3 years ago, i found myself, through no fault of my own, in a desperate financial situation. Despite working full time, i had to use a local foodbank which was a soul-destroying experience. A good friend of mine offered to buy wholesale from me for her shop, if i could come up with a suitable product. I spent weeks researching the environmental impact of different fabrics and learned that often a fabric, such as cotton towelling, can claim to be 100% cotton despite containing polyester binders. It was a real eye-opener and taught me the importance of placing the environment above profit gains and never compromising on quality in order to make more money.

Wow that's amazing! So what's your mission?

My mission now is to run ScrubbiesUK in a way that benefits as many people as possible. Almost like a hybrid between a social enterprise and a money-making business without me having to give up any control of the company.

My vision is for Scrubbies not only a replacement for every plastic sponge on the planet but also a platform and a voice for anyone in society who is struggling and feels invisible and alone. Empowering people, even by simply offering an affordable eco product allowing them to contribute to environmental impact, is the key to overcoming social bias and destroying the divide between rich and poor.