Chai Wallah Margate

Chai Wallah Margate

This week's spotlight is on Toni, the Founder of Chai Wallah Margate.

Hi Toni, Tell us about you!

My name is Toni, I'm the owner of Chai Wallah Margate, which was founded from a love of India and a love of chai. Having always worked in the service industry being surrounded by food and drink and having a passion for creating delicious recipes this led to blending my own teas. This developed over time into a small business selling at markets and events in East Kent and slowly growing to also supplying independent cafes, restaurants and shops so that everyone can enjoy delicious hand blended high quality tea!


Seeing the impact of plastic on India and how it litters the landscape made me determined that everything I use should be as sustainable as possible. Using biodegradable packaging was an absolute must for me, and keeping everything as natural as possible. This means using paper envelopes and cardboard boxes for posting instead of plastic. And re-using packaging as much as possible.
This was a very natural decision for me as in my day to day life I live as sustainably as possible so it's second nature to find alternative uses for packaging and to use things until their end of life.


My main mission is to get everyone to find a tea that they love! I truly believe there is a tea (including herbal infusion) out there for everyone. I think so many people just think of tea as a breakfast blend with milk, but there is so much more to tea drinking than that. I love chatting all things tea with people to find out what kind of flavours they enjoy and suggesting blends for them to try, or chatting with businesses about what they think reflects them and what their customers might enjoy. This gives me a massive rush, especially when someone who thought they didn't like tea comes to me and tells me they've found something they love.


My vision for Chai Wallah Margate is to be able to provide everyone with affordable high quality tea which is both beautiful and delicious to ignite the senses and create an all round tea drinking experience. I like to think of my tea as part of 'The Slow Tea' movement like 'The Slow Food Movement' whereby it is about slowing down and connecting with what you're consuming. Taking that time out for yourself whether it be by yourself or with family/friends and coming together to drink tea as a community, sharing your day, thoughts or even silence. We spend so much time rushing around and on the go, by brewing a pot of loose leaf tea it carves out a moment in time just for that sole purpose. And by using real flowers, fruit, spices etc it looks wonderful as well as tasting delicious, connecting the drinker even further to the experience.