From furlough to eco-prenuership with Padg

From furlough to eco-prenuership with Padg

This week we're speaking to Nate and Paige from padg. Like many people in the UK, Nate and Paige were furloughed during the pandemic, so they started making candles for fun. Since then, they’ve turned this into a growing business with the mission to help create a floral, pollinator paradise in every garden, window sill and verge, to help rebuild our ecosystem.


Hello! We are Nate and Paige, together we make Padg! We make colourful candles, wax melts and plantable greeting cards. One of our core aims is to get people planting more wildflowers to help save our declining bee population. To do this we include a packet of wildflowers seeds with all our candles and actively encourage our lovely customers to start their very own pollinator havens at home. Our candle packaging is shaped like a plant pot so it can be reused to plant the seedlings.


Like many people we were both furloughed from our regular jobs in hospitality and suddenly had a lot of free time. One of our main ambitions has always been to work for ourselves and be our own bosses. The pandemic gave us the opportunity and even more importantly, the time to make this dream a reality.

Both Paige and myself are creatives: Paige studied fine art at uni and I studied illustration - we’re very used to making and creating things.

We had to keep ourselves busy to stay sane during those early lockdown days. So… we started making candles for fun, on the hob in our kitchen (we made a lot of mess!)

We started getting quite good at it and this sparked an idea. Being an aspiring illustrator but not having any work, I decided to give myself a brief and treated this as though it was from a real client. I started coming up with a brand identity and plan for what we could do. I remember pitching the idea and brand concept to Paige over some evening drinks. (I prepared a slide show and everything!) The name Padg by the way is actually my nickname for Paige, we thought it was a playful, fun and importantly, unique name – just perfect for the brand we were creating.

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