The Crafty Pickle Co.

The Crafty Pickle Co.

This week's spotlight is on Madi and Arthur, the Founder of The Crafty Pickle Co.

Hi Madi and Arthur, tell us about you!

We are Arthur & Madi, two nutritionists with a passion for fermentation and sustainability. We’ve taken these two passions and combined them to form The Crafty Pickle Co. - our business that aims to reduce food waste by using as much imperfect, surplus produce as possible to craft vegan sauerkrauts and kimchi.

How did you come up with the idea of starting the Crafty Pickle?

While studying for master’s degrees in nutrition at the University of Aberdeen we shared a mutual love for jars of sauerkraut and had in-depth chats about food over endless pints. This ultimately led to the idea of The Crafty Pickle Co. A trip to the Scottish West Coast fuelled by un-refrigerated jars of fermented goodies cemented the idea as a real possibility in our minds, that we could create a business combining our major passions: nutrition, fermentation and sustainability.

What's your biggest inspiration for creating your business?

As nutritionists, we LOVE food and appreciate the precious resources that go into producing it. Currently 1.3 million tonnes of edible food is wasted each year with 1/3 of food produced never leaving the farm. Commercial food waste combined with at home waste is thought to contribute to 8-10% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Perfectly edible food should not be going to waste but especially when so many people face food insecurity on a daily basis. Which is why from the start, we have committed to donating a percentage of all sales to address food insecurity in the UK and doing what we can to reduce food waste through our business.

Your vision for your business and for yourself?

Whether we rescue a single cabbage or cauliflower or we minimise the amount of waste we produce while crafting our products; we believe every little bit can make a difference. Little things like using often-wasted cauliflower leaves in our kimchi or sharing the odd food on the food waste fighting app Olio can contribute to solving the food waste problem. We believe if everyone thought like this then we could all do our part in eliciting change. We wish to become examples of this to motivate individuals and other businesses to do the same.