Our Sustainability Criteria

To avoid greenwashing and ensure our platform stays true to our mission, all products listed must meet at least 2 of the following sustainability criteria:




🧩 Modular design for circular use Product is designed in a modular way to make it easier to replace parts rather than the whole item to extend product life and increase circular use.
🌱 Compostable Compostable product, replacing similar non-compostable products.
♲ Recyclable Product's materials are easily recyclable by most councils, and easily separated.
☕️ Usage reduces waste Product use reduces waste during consumption (e.g. reusable cups).
🎋 Made from sustainable materials Product made from recycled or regenerative materials (e.g. bamboo).
♻️ Made from waste products Product made from waste products or materials that would otherwise be disposed. (e.g. soap made of leftover beer) 
👵🏼 Long-life Product designed for longer use than similar products (e.g. cast iron pans).
✨ Product recovery Company recovers product from consumer for reuse, refurb, remanufacture etc.
🔍 Life Cycle Assessment Company has carried out a verified LCA on the product
🚫 Non-Hazardous materials
Product manufactured without materials hazardous to the environment, compared to similar products
🗑 Low/Zero waste production Manufacturing of product has low or no waste compared to similar products
🏭 Low emissions production
Manufactured using renewable energy (company's own, or from renewable tariff) or uses less energy than traditional methods of production
🚲 Low carbon transport Product distributed using low emission vehicles
🤝 Sources from sustainable suppliers
Company has specific sustainability standards/policy, which all product suppliers must agree to/comply with
🔥 Waste cascading Manufacturing waste is recovered and used in other products, or for heat/energy
🛠 Maintenance and repair Company provides a mechanism to maintain product in use
🇬🇧 Local production
Materials and production produced in the UK to limit transport emissions
🏆 Sustainable product accreditation Product has certified environmental accreditation
🎖 Sustainable company accreditation Company has certified environmental accreditation
🧰 Active environmental management
Company carries out an environmental audit and planning, which it uses to actively reduce environmental impact (not necessarily with accreditation)