British-made Emmer & Fava Bean Sedani Rigati, 4kg

British-made Emmer & Fava Bean Sedani Rigati, 4kg

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What is it?

Artisan pasta made of locally produced Emmer and Fava beans.

This pasta is the result of a very exciting collaboration with Hodmedod’s in Suffolk, who work together with local farmers to search out and develop production of British grains and pulses.

Pasta made with pulses and cereals isn’t new in the Italian tradition, mostly because it tastes delicious, but also because the combination of grain and pulses is just nutritionally fantastic. Emmer is a very healthy cereal that’s rich in fibre, protein, minerals, carotenoids, other vitamins and antioxidant components, and low in fats. Fava beans too are dense with nutrition and have no saturated fat or cholesterol.

To make sure not to burn out all this goodness; we slow dry our pasta at a low temperature.

Any tips or key information to help shops sell to consumers?

This is a super-pasta packed with nutrients, soluble and insoluble fibre. It's a complete source of lean natural protein at a much lower intake of calories.

How have you made it more sustainable than other similar products?

Plastic free paper packaging, vegan, locally produced.

Who we are

Pastificio Carleschi

The first British artisan producer of organic pasta made using traditional Italian methods and British stoneground flour from heritage grains. Founded by Giovanni Carleschi, it has taken them years to perfect their method of making pasta. All their packaging is plastic-free, their deliveries in Waltham Forest are done by bike and their factory runs on green energy only. Carleschi's pasta won many Great Taste Awards in 2020.

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From our customers


Delicious pasta and I’m overjoyed to find a company offering U.K. produce with such sustainable packaging. It ticks every box for us and we love the spelt fusilli

United Kingdom

You’ll love it - In a way I wish I’d never tried this pasta… now all the other stuff seems so inferior. You guys should be very proud of what you have created.

United Kingdom

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