Crafty Kraut - live fermented sauerkraut - 1 X 1kg tub

Crafty Kraut - live fermented sauerkraut - 1 X 1kg tub

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What is it?
This is a bulk product (supplied in 1kg tubs) perfect for use by caterers of all types.

Live fermented sauerkraut. I'm the bad ass namesake of the Crafty Pickle Co. range. Tangy, fizzy and fresh slap me on your sausages or just straight in your gob, we don't care just get it in you!

Eat me with... sausages (veggie or meat we won't judge), potatoes (any which way), stews, soups, or (and we highly recommend this) straight from the jar.

Any tips or key information to help shops sell to consumers?

  • Adding kraut or kimchi to your menu is a great way to add colour, depth of flavour and added zing to any dish.
  • We've had businesses use our products on burgers, toasties, bagels, fishcakes and grazing boards, to name a few, or as an optional extra to any dish!
  • They also mean your customers are getting a dose of good bacteria and extra veg, perfect for the health conscious consumer.

How have you made it more sustainable than other similar products?

We're on a mission to reduce food waste by using as much perfectly edible but imperfect or surplus produce as possible to craft our raw, vegan, naturally nutritious sauerkrauts and kimchis. A percentage of all our sales goes towards addressing food insecurity.

We offer a re-use option for these bulk tubs so we minimise our use of new materials.

Who we are

The Crafty Pickle Co.

NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS. Naturally fermented sauerkraut & kimchi are full of fibre, vitamins & phytonutrients. They make a great addition to any meal and a fun way to pack in more veg to any diet! GUT-FRIENDLY, RAW & ALIVE. Our products contain LIVE bacteria that have been associated with improving our gut health, immunity & increased microflora diversity in our guts. ECO-FRIENDLY We fight food waste & have taken steps to implement a circular economy to get the most out of our resources.

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From our customers

Healthy and delicious pickles that go perfectly with any meal, but on toasted bread is a personal favourite. These guys give back to the community, by rescuing food from going to waste and helping food banks. So not only do you get delicious pickle, but you get to help the community and the environment, too. Couldn't recommend highly enough!


The Crafty Pickle Co has such yummy products which I highly recommend if you love fermented foods. Its yummy on toast with hummus or in cheese toasty nom! So many options! If you haven't tried it.... get some asap!


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