Green Sencha Loose Leaf Tea - 1 KG

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What is it?
Green Sencha – a classic caffeinated Chinese sencha green tea which is delightfully refreshing.

Green tea is a caffeinated tea which is known to have originated in China, but has since spread to being grown in many Asian countries. It undergoes less processing than black tea so is lighter in colour and in taste.

Ingredients: Chinese Sencha green tea.

How have you made it more sustainable than other similar products?

We only buy from suppliers that ensure the growers, pickers and processors are paid a fair wage. All our blends are packaged in 100% biodegradable bags to ensure that the beautiful product we produce does not take too much from our earth.

Who we are

Chai Wallah Margate

Specialising in beautiful and delicious teas designed to create a comprehensive tea drinking experience. A wide variety of blends, whether you love something a little unusual, or prefer the classics, there’s always something you’ll love. Founded on a love of chai and India, the established history of tea is present across the range.

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