Krankie (4.4%) - Case of 24 x 440ml cans

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What is it?

This Iron Bru Sour is sustainably brewed and packaged locally in Walthamstow.

An exercise in sensory trickery and nostalgia. A rich traditional malt gives you all the caramel sweetness you’d expect from the soft drink, then a natural souring process gives you the tang, that’s then followed by the unmistakable flavour of the Scottish classic.

Any tips or key information to help shops sell to consumers?

How have you made it more sustainable than other similar products?

We assessed every part of our process and looked at reducing waste and harmful by-products in every aspect of our production as outlined below, and you can find out more details about it on our blog hereWe have also begun the process of becoming a Bcorp.

Low carbon emission production - Installed an aquaponics system that uses excess reclaimed water from cooling beer to absorb Co2 created in fermentation.

Waste reused in other products - Our spent grain is fed back to high welfare Red Poll cattle on a local farm. We are partnering to grow Koji on spent grain and turn a portion of our waste grain into Miso and Soya sauce. We also recycle waste beer into vinegar which is combined with lacto fermeted waste fruit and veg and put into hot sauces.

Reducing transport emissions through packaging - We use 440ml cans in lighter weight containers, and use PET lightweight kegs that are 8kg lighter to reduce transport emissions by product volume. 70% of the kegs are sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled. Investigating plant based packaging to improve recyclability and reduce plastic use.

Supporting staff - We have been a living wage employer since we began. We are putting in place plans for a staff profit share and are introducing the cycle to work scheme for next year.

Community - Partnering with Walthamstow FC as their main sponsor and creating funds to support free football training for the most vulnerable kids in the area.

Who we are

Exale Brewing

We are small independently owned brewery with a mindset to match.

Our unique style is based around forging balanced, complex beers inspired by the incredible ingredients around us every day from foraging in Epping forest to collaborating with local coffee roasters and chefs.

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