Paper Parcel Tape (6/12 rolls)

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What is this?

1 roll of self adhesive biodegradable paper tape.

A plastic-free, biodegradable alternative to plastic sticky tapes, strong enough to use as heavy duty packing tape.

Perfect for anyone aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Available in widths: 24mm or 48mm

Length: 50 metre roll.

What is it made of?

Kraft paper and a rubber based adhesive.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

ORIGIN: Paper ethically sourced from EU, Tape manufactured in the UK

Why is it fabulous?

This eco-friendly tape is made from a renewable resource (kraft paper). It is both recyclable AND biodegradable, and looks much nicer than plastic tape on your parcels! 

N.B. This product is imported from an ethical source outside the UK and may therefore be subject to customs charges for customers outside of the UK.
Orders of over 10 units of 48mm or 20 units of 24mm may be subject to additional shipping costs. 

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