Reishi Citra Hop Alcohol-Free Craft IPA - 12 bottles/24 cans X 330ml

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What is it?

Alcohol free craft beer brewed with mushrooms for a more mindful beer. No your beer won't taste like mushroom! Our super food mushrooms help keep mind and body on good form.Vegan, gluten free and hangover free. Juicy Citra hop beer perfect with food.

    Any tips or key information to help shops sell to consumers?

    Designed for a more conscious consumer that wants to make more mindful choices. Mushrooms are a top health and wellness trend at the moment and if your customers are into health alternatives and immune support this would be a great product to recommend. Alternatively if your customers are craft beer lovers, we have now won 4 awards for our IPA including a bronze in the world beer awards and International beer challenge. All the beer, no hangover!

    How have you made it more sustainable than other similar products?

    We only use fully recycled packaging and small batch craft brew. We used the best quality Organic Nordic mushrooms in our beers.

    Who we are

    The Fungtional Brew Company

    Fungtn was created to help consumers make more mindful choices. Harnessing the power of mushrooms used in health and wellness for thousands of years. These super food mushrooms help pour bodies natural ability to cope with stress and stay on top form. A more mindful beer that brings some ancient wisdom back into everyday ceremony.

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    From our customers


    This beer is exquisite and by far the best I’ve ever had. All flavours are to my liking which is unusual, well done Fungtn, a great beer from great people for great times. 🌈👏🏽🌈👏🏽🌈👏🏽🌈👏🏽🌈👏🏽🌈👏🏽


    Absolutely amazing beer, have been alcahol free for over a year now due to medication, have been trying different 0.0% and 0.5% most lack the bodie and flavour off my favourite tipples being craft brown, red, bitter and IPA ales. Stumbled across Chaga lager in a craft beer shop realized it was brewed to 0.5% With Chaga had to try... loved it,


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