Soap Saver - Organic Cotton (20 units)

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What are these?

Organic Cotton Soap Saver Pouch

A handmade, eco-friendly, plastic-free, reusable cotton Soap Saver pouch. Perfect for making the most of your soap bars in your zero-waste bathroom.

Put your soap scraps inside this handy little pouch. The fabric provides a good lather whilst gently exfoliating and a great grip to prevent slipping out of your hands! 

What they are made from?

100% Organic Cotton

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Ethically Handmade in the UK

Why are they fabulous?

Our Soap Savers are eco friendly, plastic free, biodegradable, exfoliating and prevent the last soap scraps from going to waste! Now with a handy hanging loop for drying. 

How to care for them:

To get the most use out of your soap saver, always hang to dry after use.

When you think it needs a clean wash with normal load on cool, dry flat and reuse time and time again!

When its come to the end of its life, cut up into strips and home compost.


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