Soniboo Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads - Multicolour 4PK x Case of 9

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What is it?

4 multicolour pack of booheads bamboo electric toothbrush heads that are compatible with Sonicare electric toothbrushes.

Being made from bamboo and plant based bioplastics it means it is biodegradable  andthe most sustainable alternative compared to plastic alternatives. 

Any tips or key information to help shops sell to consumers?

  • These are designed for Sonicare (not Oral B).
  • Tips for use: rinse the bamboo before brushing as it can be dry on first entry to the mouth and rinse off any residue at the end.
  • To dispose of the toothbrushes, please cut off the bristles and it can be composted or put in garden waste (or check your local refuge)

How have you made it more sustainable than other similar products?

Being made from bamboo and plant-based materials we are focus on sustainability upfront for booheads.

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