Victory Bitter (33.3%) - Case of 6x700ml glass bottles

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What is it?
Award winning gin made in London using a completely unique & modern process that conserves energy and reduces water waste.

A Modern Bitter Aperitivo.

Victory Bitter is a balanced, refreshing and aromatic modern bitter aperitivo spirit with an invigorating aroma of sour cherries, red berry and fresh garden herbs. It delivers a rich and juicy mouthfeel with a lasting, appetising bitterness.

British wheat spirit is infused with botanicals and fruits including gentian root, orange peel, apricot, rosemary, sage and fig. The infusion is blended with an organic, natural wine and minimal sugar. The distinctive red colour is achieved naturally through the infusion of hibiscus flowers.

At Victory, we don’t use artificial preservatives or 
stabilisers – because of this, the colour of Victory Bitter may change over time.

Enjoy Victory Bitter with loads of ice, a premium Indian tonic and a slice of lemon, or as the Bitter in a classic aperitivo cocktail such as a Spritz or Negroni.

ABV: 33.2%

VOL: 700ML 

BOTANICALS: Quassia, Oregano, Sage, Wormwood, Thyme, Angelica Root, Black Pepper, Burdock, Cassia, Dried Rosemary, Rhubarb Root, Cardamon, Juniper, Corriander, Orris, Liquorice Root, Gentian, Dates, Orange, Apricot, Figs, Lemon Balm, Hibiscus

How have you made it more sustainable than other similar products?

Low waste & emissions process - Using our modern cold-distillation process, we eliminate water waste required from traditional cooling methods and massively reduce the energy required for production.

Carbon offsetting - We plant of trees in the UK that offset beyond the amount of CO2 we produce.

Reduce plastic packaging - Replace original plastic refill pouches with aluminium cans and returnable steel kegs. 

Rebrand (in progress) - Move toward a plastic free Victory permanent bottle, whilst reducing the weight of our glass to minimise our shipping weight.

Any tips or key information to help shops sell to consumers?

  • Customers who like classic gins (e.g. Gordons, Beefeater) love this product


Victory London Distillery

We use unique, modern processes to produce our botanical spirits. The cutting-edge technology we use helps us to conserve energy, reduce water waste and guarantee consistently delicious products.

We are run by husband and wife team, Max and Máire Chater. Both are from Hospitality backgrounds and determined to make products that are great to mix, drink and enjoy.

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